BLAYZE HIRLINGER #6                                         




Skill Set Breakdown: "Displays the skill set of a FBS LB. Displays very good ability to take over a game physically. Very good disrupter all over the field. Physically is very good factor knocking blockers and ball-carriers on the ground and backwards. Very good instincts with a very good nose for the ball. Strong and explosive to play at LOS, athletic as a skill player to play in space. Displays very good loose hips and very good knee bend playing under pads exploding on contact. Very good match up with RB, TE, Slot and can run with all. Very good understanding of pursuit angles with very good closing speed in space, level changing hips on target and accelerating feet. Blayze demonstrates the ability to compete to the echo of the whistle. Video demonstration of Blayze finishing plays and fitting windows in the box. Blayze demonstrates the ability to identify a variety of PG’s (Personal Groupings) and clearly has the football intelligence to communicate to defensive front and make the adjustments needed to be effective at the College level."

Linebacker Position Specifics: "Strong, athletic player demonstrating the ability to make plays in the box as well as outside the C-Gap in the Alley! Very good ability to direct play and see window meeting the RB in the hole – Physical player! Demonstrates Burst, Acceleration, and Pop on video. Blayze is active with 349 tackles in 3 years. He demonstrates the ability to match skill set of RB and be efficient in space. Blayze demonstrates natural Instincts. Vision is very good as is his ability to see play development and disrupt the Offense. 3-year starter heading into his Senior year. Will be the leader of his team Defensively, 'A Coach on the Field!' Strong family support, demonstrates the ability to be successful in the classroom with very good grades and test scores."

Top Attributes of a College Linebacker: "Physical frame, strong at the point of attack. Displays good linear speed and natural instincts at this stage. Displays above average change of direction skills and can keep his hips down with knee bend allowing him to change direction smoothly. Runs well in the open field and has the ability to generate good closing speed to fill open space. Displays good instincts and is quick to read. Like his football vision to see backfield flow and line surface movement allowing him to get to the point of attack with speed. Exhibits natural instincts between the tackles and has a nose for the ball. Plays strong to take on blockers with nice maneuverability through tight quarters and is a physical tackler in the box. Displays good anticipation and will get a jump on the ball carrier. Can open his hips and run and takes quality angles working downhill to the ball carrier. Good track & scrape technique of ball carrier and ability to redirect. Demonstrates the ability to flip hips for depth and does a nice job anticipating QB throws. Displays flashes of fluid hips to turn and run to landmark and will work to get his hands up to disrupt passing lanes up the seam. Solid wrap tackler that drives feet through the ball carrier and brings his hips to finish. Shows very effective block protection skills, like the way he attacks larger offensive lineman with an efficient transition to a low hitting position and quick hands to get off blocks. Like his blitz potential with his instincts and has valuable skill set in box on 3rd down. Work needed to be on field vs. 10-PG at next level in coverage of TE and deeper zone drops and man coverage vs RB. Will continue to improve as he develops and gains further experience in coverage, man skill set and explosive development."


"Great pure natural instincts! Diagnoses the run well. Showcases great tackling ability in the open field and between the tackles. He keeps his feet driving on contact which is huge. He had good tackling angles to press the near hip as well. Has a good feel for slipping and avoiding blockers. Showcased great hands. Tight hips and playing level (too high in stance and movement) needs to improve. Overall, his core strengths include: (1) instincts, (2) run play recognition with great closing speed to the ball carrier, and consistent tackling ability. He possesses traits that are hard to teach."


"With 349 tackles for his high school career and 10 turnovers in total. This "ball hawk" has incredible football instincts and is extremely disruptive for any offense he faces off against. Blayze could easily play the OLB or Strong Safety roll at the next level, as he plays both the run and pass extremely efficiently. Blayze is also an outstanding pass rusher and obliterates ball carriers when meeting them in the gaps. Blayze has heard from a multitude of D1 and Ivy League programs and is looking to move up collegiate recruiting boards to obtain the offers he so rightfully deserves." 


"His instinctive pursuit is awesome, plays with a high motor, fills the gaps well at the LOS, has a great nose for the football, covers the pass well, plays under his pads well, and puts in 110% effort when following through tackles."