Competitive sports are currently a major component of my life, consuming the bulk of my time outside of the classroom. I have been a varsity starter in Football, Baseball, and Wrestling for three years now at Perry HS, with my Senior year on the horizon. I am extremely driven, determined to succeed. I love to compete and am highly motivated by the naysayers, those that refer to me as being "undersized." When I hear that, it angers me and it motivates me even more to do everything I can to prove them wrong. So yes, I have a chip on my shoulder. Effort, hustle, and hard work have been a part of me for several years. I have learned the importance of going all out, 100% of the time, leaving it all on the field and never quitting. In short, "Control the Controllable." 

Of the three sports, football is my favorite and the one I want to continue playing in college. I love the game of football, from the game planning to the physicality of the sport. I play the game with passion and heart, and a hunger to be the best. It's the ultimate team game. I will do whatever it takes to make my team and my teammates succeed. One of the greatest feelings I have experienced in my lifetime is that special bond that is established among my teammates/my brothers and my coaches, all working together as a team in order to achieve a common goal. 

In my spare time, I really enjoy working with younger kids, trying to improve their fundamentals and skills in football, baseball, and wrestling. Impacting the lives of young kids, being a leader and role model, is extremely rewarding. There is nothing better than serving others from the heart.

Finally, I strongly believe that athletic competition builds character, discipline, and integrity,  enabling one to be better equipped to positively impact many lives. To me, that is the ultimate vision, the ultimate goal.

Blayze Hirlinger #6
Class of 2019