BLAYZE HIRLINGER #6                                         






"I wish I could select more than 5 strengths to list for Blayze. He started all 10 games as a freshman at middle linebacker while he was 14 years old. Led our team in tackles. Blayze is competitive and cares more about our team being successful than he does about personal accolades. He has great instincts that always have him around the ball. He is a leader of our football team that will always work hard and he is always accountable. 100% attendance and always early. He is a high character kid that is an asset and will be an asset to any team he plays for. " 

"Blayze has a lot of tools and tremendous upside. On paper, he is somewhat undersized. But, he plays bigger than he is. He is a tough player and plays sideline to sideline. His best attribute is instinct. He stepped in and made plays as a freshman day one. Doing things you can't really coach. He will also end up being a really good running back for us. I'm excited I get the opportunity to coach him for three more years. "Personality: "Blayze has a laid back personality. Away from football. Always a smile on his face. He's a great kid. On the football field, he plays with fire. He comes to work every day. He is a player you never have to worry about if he is putting in the work. As he gets older and more experienced, I'm sure I will see more and more leadership in him. The best trait Blayze has is that he loves his team. Winning means something to him. He plays from the first play to the last play trying to help his team be successful."


"To whom this may concern, Over the last two years I have been fortunate to be a teammate of Blayze's on the Perry High School football team. Blayze is hard working, determined, and a respectable athlete. He was unstoppable on the field and maintains his composure. He exhibits traits of a strong leader and would be a strong asset to any team. I highly recommend him to any program."  JANSEN HARTWIG



The following information is derived from surveys completed by Blayze Hirlinger. The surveys and reports created by EXACT Sports, a firm created for the purpose of assisting coaches by focusing on the most important ingredients for athletic success: physical conditioning; behavioral characteristics; mental aptitude; and technical skills. "Blayze, who is a visual learner, is categorized as a Renaissance Person. Blayze is bright, a deep thinker and knowledgeable in numerous areas. He is athletic and strongly believes in staying in physical shape. He likes to create strong, personal friendships. Overall, Blayze is very comfortable with himself. To motivate Blayze, coaches should push him to be mentally and physically strong.”


The TAP Assessment is designed to measure attitudes and psychological characteristics known as behavioral indicators. Research shows that the most successful athletes possess certain traits and characteristics, the nonphysical intangibles. "Based on Blayze’s responses it was determined that his athlete type is the Responsible Athlete. The Responsible Athlete: (1) tends to be clean cut; (2) image conscious; (3) likes traditions/rules; (5) tries to live up to society’s expectations; (6) tends to have good work habits; and (7) is optimistic. cooperative, and confident."